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Hi! I’m your host Aaron, and welcome to the First Generations Podcast. The show where we dive into the personal experience and knowledge of individuals that have paved their path to success on their own terms. From entrepreneurs, professionals, and beyond. We will learn what it takes to walk through their journey and what it means to be First Generation.

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Bruce Pulver,  TEDx Speaker, Performance Coach, 
Author of Above The Chatter, Our Words Matter.

Aaron Tam is a superstar.  I was honored when he asked me to be on his podcast because I had listened to several of his episodes prior to my invitation and was quickly captivated by how quickly he gets deep into the conversation and draws golden nuggets of insight from his guests.

When it was my turn, I gained an understanding of how he does it.  Aaron comes prepared with questions for his guests that require us to think beyond the surface and dive into what the insight means to us and how it can help others.  He is conversational yet surgical in extracting valuable, usable ideas and concepts.

I absolutely recommend you put Aaron's Podcast "First Generations Podcast in your podcast favorites category.

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